Italian Soccer Academy International Tournaments

The Italian Soccer Academy (ITSA) soccer program is an international initiative that serves the dual purpose of developing players through summer camps in a culturally diverse and entertaining environment, while also identifying those highly qualified talents from an early age, and following them during their development as athletes and individuals via the international tournament teams.

The ITSA Camps are the only venue available for players to be identified to compete on one of the ITSA International Tournament teams, or to attend special events, such as College and Professional Talent Showcases.

Our tournaments are athletic and cultural events, delivering an exciting challenge for teams and players looking for an unrestricted play style. Teams are composed of players from multiple countries, speaking multiple languages, all under the direction of licensed FIGC coaches using the ITSA coaching philosophies developed over the years.

The international playing experience helps players and parents appreciate the importance of developing as a whole person and not just as a player. Players achieving success on the ITSA International tournament team have options to move up to one of the Elite tournament teams, experience #NoPayToPlay opportunities and ultimately be invited to college or professional showcase opportunities through the Italian Soccer Academy.

Each tournament features the best ITSA Camp and ITSA Elite International Teams in each age category. It's an exchange of experiences, culture and sport customs between South America, North America and the rest of the world.