Date: June 17-21, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Cost: $269 USD | Ages: 6-17

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What's Included?

(This camp offers a #NoPayToPlay reward)

    • Daily training sessions hosted by Italian Soccer Academy certified coaches coming directly from Italy.
    • Daily scrimmages
    • Official PUMA Italian Soccer Academy camp training kit:
      • 1 Jersey
      • 1 Pair of Shorts
      • 1 Pair of Socks
    • Italian Soccer Academy Certificate 
    • Lunch is included in the price of this camp. (Provided by Subway)
    • Hydration
    • Right to permanence in the Italian Soccer Academy International Program. Permanence subject to eligibility. See eligibility clauses

    Training Methodology

    The camp curriculum has been specially designed for each age group by Italian Soccer Academy licensed coaches. Recreational and competitive players will train and compete with correspondent levels.

    The Italian Soccer Academy camp program welcomes players from all different cultures, uniting them for the same purpose-- to become a better soccer player. Our goal is to develop each and every player's skills technically and tactically and to increase the understanding of each player's role on the soccer field.

    In keeping with Italian Soccer Academy training philosophies developed over decades in their youth academy, our training program focuses on:

    Motor Skills
    This deals with each player's technical and tactical ability focusing on elements such as kicking, dribbling, passing, heading and tackling. Speed, strength, endurance and flexibility are vital elements of these sessions.
    Cognitive Skills
    This aims to develop qualities such as multiple object tracking, timing & peripheral intuition, divided focus and rapid decision making. Strategies for self expression, creativity and imagination underpin this aspect of our training.
    Personal Skills
    This helps players foster techniques for having control over their emotions or for regaining self control when lost. Motivation, self-esteem and a desire to be autonomous are cultivated in our camps.
    Social Skills
    This helps players learn how to work together as a group and team across multiple cultures. Respect for the rules, acceptance of the decisions of others and collaboration is a core part of these sessions.

    We encourage all players to aim high, in their soccer ambitions. Italian Soccer Academy Junior Camp program will give advanced players the chance to envision what it would be like to be a player on the world stage in their adult life. Our program will allow them to sample the kind of training available at European clubs from an early age.

    During our camps, Italian Soccer Academy coaches identify gifted players and invite them to join one of the Italian Soccer Academies International tournament teams to compete in international tournaments. The international playing experience helps players and parents appreciate the importance of developing as a whole person and not just as a player. Players achieving success on the International tournament team have options to move up to one of the Elite tournament teams, experience no pay to play opportunities and ultimately be invited to college or professional showcase opportunities through the Italian Soccer Academy.

    Further more, players reaching the age of 18, may be considered for employment opportunities as Team Managers, Coordinators, Assistant trainers or coaches, based on their collegiate curriculum and other professional interest. View our Italian Soccer Academy employment section for more information and to meet our expanding list of players turned professionals in our program.

    Training Facilities

    Sede recreacional Comfaoriente
    Villa Silvania
    Vía Bocono, Cúcuta,

    Daily Schedule

    Camp duration is Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Typically mornings are designated technical and tactical skills training with the ITSA coaches. Afternoons feature designed scrimmages and small-sided games.


    The selected talents will have the possibility to form part of the Italian Soccer Academy International Teams that participe in the International Tournament Circuit, starting with the Copa Americana Cleveland 2019 (Players selected during this camp will be able to attend the Cleveland tournament with prior arrangement and if they are registered to camp prior to April 1), Copa Americana Sabaneta 2019 and the Copa Italo-Americana during the Milan Experience week 2020. During the camp, the Most Talented Player will be selected and awarded with our #Nopaytoplay and will be able to travel to Sabaneta, Colombia with all expenses paid and will form part of one of our international teams! The #Nopaytoplay reward includes international airfare (only for the selected player), City of the Camp-Medellin round trip, and participation in The Copa Americana Sabaneta 2019. The reward also includes accommodation in a 5 star hotel(or college dorm) during 5/6 nights, meals and local transportation. Does not include visa process costs or passport process.