Eligibility - Requirements and Procedures

The following is a list of requirements and procedures that determine the eligibility of players in the program and after having been selected during a camp or after participating in a competition or event. Our program provides privileges to our participants and maintains these privileges, as long as the player complies with our requirements, as listed below:

  1. Players selected by the ITSA trainers during a camp will receive an email newsletter invitation for events to which the players have become eligible. These events include the Copa Americana which takes place in USA, Colombia and Milan, Italy and the Italian Soccer Experience Week.
  2. The event invitations will provide all related information to the event, as well as specific dates for confirmation or declination of the invitation. It is vital to respond within the established dates.
  3. Players are required to respond to the invitation via email and are required to confirm or decline the invitation by submitting the Player Data Form which is attached in the newsletter.
  4. Players that decline the invitation but submit their Player Data Form will be re inserted into the “Active Player” data base and will continue receiving invitations to future events. Our organization does not limit any child’s opportunity to participate based on economic capability. If a child is unable to attend because of finances, we will maintain that child in our event database, if we receive a response to our invitation, along with the Player Data Form.
  5. Late tournament registration and confirmation: Any player registering to any of the schedule events (tournaments) is subject to a $50 USD late registration fee.
  6. Players that lose their eligibility due to lack of contact or responses to our invitations must comply with the following requirement:
    1. If within 6 months of the invitation- Player is required to plant a tree in a place other than his own home and submit an image (photo) of this deed while wearing his ITSA/Milan Junior Jersey. The player’s family is required in donating to a program selected by our organization (Toobrush or Coffee Legacy Private Fund, etc.). The donation should not exceed $15 USD.
    2. If within 12 months of the invitation- Player’s family is required to make a contribution of $100 to the No Pay To Play program, as well as point (A) above.
    3. Inactive players over 12 months or suspended players- Are required to being selected once again at any ITSA Camp or contributing from $100 to $500 (depending on the severity of the case which establishes $500 for suspensions for example) to the No Pay To Play program, as well as points (A) and (B) above.
  7. Players may lose eligibility during an event, as specified in the Parent/Player Agreement and as a result of inappropriate behavior, deriving from obscene language or gestures, theft, disrespect to team mates or other parents or inability(player and parent of the player alike) to adapt to the Team Retreat requirements and the Parent-Player Agreement clauses.
  8. As of January 15, 2019, all players and parents without exception, are required to subscribe to the Italian Soccer Academy YouTube Channel as well as giving a "Like" to the Facebook page of the Italian Soccer Academy and following the Italian Soccer Academy Instagram profile. Prior to future acceptance for team rostering, The Italian Soccer Academy will verify that the player is in effect has liked or subscribed to the previously stated.