Coffee Legacy Copa Americana

We are proudly introducing our Copa Americana fundraising legacy program. Organic Coffee production from Pereira, Colombia to the soccer world!

50% of net proceeds from our coffee sales will go to the "No Pay To Play" program. The 2016 Milan Junior U10 & U12 Elite teams broke ground and planted the way on Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016 at 1pm at the Marles Family farm, where 2 acres of land have been reserved for the coffee plantation. Selected children from the teams will be re-invited to Pereira for the first harvest picking of the coffee beans in 2017. "Lilo Organico" (leehloh) will be the name given to our coffee. "Lilo" is Eddie Marles' father's nickname (Mr. Alirio Marles), who as a child, was affectionately called "Lilo" by his sisters.

We will devote time and affection to our coffee, staying true to our ecological values and objectives. Our coffee will be 100% organic. Our packaging will feature images of our U10 and 12 players planting the first coffee "Maticas". Thank you for your love and support. We look forward to you sipping your coffee!

Environmental Efforts 2018

The Italian Soccer Academy Tree Planting Initiative. Planting life for a sustainable future, educating our children in environmental awareness.

Milan Junior Americas and the Italian Soccer Academy strongly believe that we have a duty and privilege to operate our programs in an environmentally conscious manner. From the smallest adjustments such as serving environmentally friendly meals at our Colombia and USA venues, to using cardboard and recycled packaging, to avoiding plastic water bottles and containers, every initiative whether big or small is important and brings us closer to a sustainable future.

Because children are the backbone of the world and through our program we possess the power of influence, we are leading by example and setting a high standard for sustainability. We teach our participants that everyone genuinely has the power to get involved and make a difference creating endless possibilities for the future of society.

Our Environmental Efforts 2018 are known as 'One Child, One Tree'. Our goal is to continue planting a tree for every player registered in our Summer Camp series; over 550 trees were planted during the 2017 edition of this initiative. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog for updates on our tree planting ceremonies and to lend your support to our 2018 Environmental Efforts.